NHRA Las Vegas Motor Speedway 2023

Las Vegas Motor Speedway is not only a mecca for racing enthusiasts but also a significant destination for NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) drag racing fans. It hosts some of the most electrifying NHRA events, where powerful dragsters and funny cars roar down the strip, reaching incredible speeds in just seconds. The iconic quarter-mile drag strip at the speedway is a stage for NHRA's top-tier competition, attracting the biggest names in the sport. Fans gather here to witness the deafening thunder and awe-inspiring acceleration of these high-performance machines. The speedway's dedicated facilities for NHRA events, including top-notch safety measures and viewing areas, ensure that spectators can fully immerse themselves in the excitement of NHRA drag racing while enjoying the overall experience that Las Vegas Motor Speedway offers. Whether it's NASCAR, NHRA, or other motorsport events, this venue continues to be a cornerstone of thrilling racing and entertainment in Las Vegas.

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