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It is ready to roll!
Our production truck (Black Beauty) is a beautiful, state-of-the-art video production trailer. The trailer has a custom deck on the side to create easy access to each production room.

The video production trailer consists of 4 production rooms:
  • Master Control Room
  • Audio Control Room
  • Social Media Room
  • Production Staff Room

Master Control Room

The master control room consists of 4 parts:
  • Master Control
  • CG Live (for roll-ins such as lower-thirds)
  • Graphics - including video playback
  • Instant Replay

Audio Control Room

Audio sources can be sent to the trailer and compressed or mixed as needed. There are also several audio feeds that can be used to send to the house and used in conjunction with the playback of premade videos.

Social Media Room

The social media room is a dedicated and specialized room for social media. The client can produce content from social sites such as twitter for a live feed to the big screen.

In addition, this room has encoders specific to streaming media LIVE to the Internet and recording live to a USB external drive or thumb-drive. Stream your event live to YouTube, LiveStream, or any other streaming site.

Production Staff Room

This is where the staff can get away. Sit down, have a cold drink and relax. This is the perfect room to have production meetings and just get out of the heat when the work is done.